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Legend tells of a spirit who lives in some juice, who doesn't want to kill, but cannot consume the juice it requires without spilling the blood of an innocent, yet naive human. The Juice Monster is considered a curse on those who desire mixed juices, but no one realises that The Juice Monster is the only one who has been cursed. To be fulled by juice is a terrible feeling, no human could stand it, and so they are scared of The Juice Monster.

The Juice Monster is a small platformer in which an anonymous hero travels the land in search of a new home, but without intention, gets tangled in the enormous and sticky web that is The Juice Monster.

Made by Joseph Ferrari for GBJam5

Release date Oct 09, 2016
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorJoseph Ferrari
Made withGameMaker: Studio, GIMP
Tags16-bit, Game Boy, GBJam, Global Game Jam, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout an hour


The Juice Monster 2 MB


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Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw8qGKmoa4E

Arright, I didn't get very far, but so far, I'm finding it challenging but enjoyable, in terms of the art and platforming. I see a bit of interaction with NPCs in your screenshots, which I'm interested in seeing. The sound effects are a bit on the grating side. Some music would be nice, but the sound effects would definitely drown it out. Overall, I think it's not bad.

Thank you for your feedback! I would definitely like to add some music into the game, and when I do, there will be a separate volume slider for sound and music, so you can balance them at your will. As for the difficulty, it's something that I've heard before. I'm very inexperienced with making games as a whole and I hope to work on my balancing, I'd consider this game as practice.