A downloadable game for Windows


Manage your time and space to navigate a speeding ball through increasingly chaotic environments.

Make and share your own challenges with the built in level editor.


Game Instructions:

  • Drag the mouse to draw a line for your ball to bounce from.
  • Watch out! Lines have durability and will break after 2 bounces.
  • Avoid the colour red! Don't let your ball hit the baddies.
  • Smash all the blocks on screen to beat the level.


Level Editor Instructions:

  • Press ESC to view the menu.
  • Use TAB and NUM KEYS to select a tool.
  • LEFT CLICK to place and RIGHT CLICK to delete.
  • Press CTRL to change grid type.

Level Editor Tools:

  1. Line - Draw permanent lines to shape your level.
  2. Small Block - Requires 1 hit to break.
  3. Wide Block - Requires 2 hits to break.
  4. Tall Block - Requires 2 hits to break.
  5. Big Block - Requires 3 hits to break.
  6. Player Position - Determine where the ball starts in the level.
  7. Basic Baddie - Bounces around and gets in your way.
  8. Saw Blade - Plows through the player's safety net.
  9. Ghoul - Can slip through walls to directly target the player.
  10. Death Line - A deadly line that kills the player.


Levels are saved as text to the clipboard, why not share your level for other people to play in the comments!

It's that easy! Test it out with this bonus level code:



void_ball_windows.zip 4 MB


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Great game Joseph, although harder than it first looks. The ability to share/post your own levels is genius. For anyone who wants to feel better about themselves after spending half an hour trying to complete level 4, below are a couple of slightly easier level ideas of my own. Just copy one and load into the level editor to play. Let me know how you get on.